A little housekeeping

I am thrilled anytime I get one of those little emails saying “You have a new follower on your running blog”.
I appreciate the people I know ‘live and in person’ following me here.  You’re my cheerleaders!
I get a huge kick out of those total stranger follows.  I am resonating with people who know nothing more about me than the fact that I am a runner.

This past week I got an email telling me that “Someone” is following my blog.
No email address.
No other identifying information.
And frankly, that has me a little wary.
I wouldn’t mind knowing exactly who you really are.  You don’t have to personally identify yourself in a comment here; however, please message me and let me know who you are so I know you’re not some crazy stalker.  Message me here, on Facebook, or email me please.
Until I know that, I’ll be playing my “where I’m running/training” and “races I’m doing” hand a little closer to the vest.
Hope you understand that this is a personal security/safety thing for me and nothing more.

In other actually-running-related news we’re doing this week’s 8 mile training run tomorrow rather than today.  It is c-o-l-d and majorly windy this morning and we have a ton of other things going on the rest of the day – not the least of which is a planning meeting for the 5K I’m Race Director of – so we decided to make this morning’s 8 miler tomorrow afternoon’s 8 miler.
As I said on Facebook: Rest assured – eight miles will be run this weekend!  By us!