I am currently a little over five weeks shy of my forty-seventh birthday.
UPDATE: As of September 2013 I am currently five months shy of my forty-ninth birthday.

In July 2011 I signed up for a women’s running training program, stuck with it, and it literally changed my life!

Prior to last July 2011 the last time I voluntarily ran was literally when Jimmy Carter was in the White House.  (As President, not just as a guest.)

My reasons for taking up running were twofold:

  1.  My husband ran track in high school and continued to do so pretty consistently until we began sharing a home and building a life together.  Because I didn’t run, he more or less stopped.  Not because I asked him to, but because frankly gravity works in everything in life and when you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t have a particularly healthy lifestyle or habits eventually your own diligence is going to slip.
  2. Remember the movie What Women Want?  Remember that fake Nike™ ad they developed in that movie?  Click HERE for a refresher.  I’ll wait for you to come back.  I promise.

See?  Yes, I’m still here, but that’s not the thing I was asking “See?” about.  Those words, that feeling, that truth about the beauty of running.  THAT is why I wanted to run.  How I wanted to feel about it.

And starting out, I felt none of that.  Not.  One.  Bit.
The Road didn’t love me.  It was trying to kill me.
The Road did care what I looked like.  At least it cared about every extra pound and inch I was lugging up and down it.
For the first three or four weeks.
Until one Monday (Mondays were when I ran with the coaches and we added time and distance to our runs) when I didn’t quite run ‘in the zone’, but I found its perimeter and jogged along that for a bit and I could sense what it would be like to run In There.

To use a phrase of hyperbole I am loathe to ever use: Running has changed my life!

I started this blog to provide some accountability for myself in the training and decided to keep up with it since:
A) I love to write;
B) I think about/during everything I do and need a place for those thoughts; and
C) It’s kinda fun!

So thanks for finding me.

Thanks for reading me.

Appreciate any comments you might feel like depositing here.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. You are an inspiration to me!
    I just started training for a half marathon after not having run for over 25 years.
    I will be 60 in May. It gives me a lot of encouragement to hear of someone else s experiences.

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  3. Running + blogging = perfect combination! Just don’t do them at the same time, OK? Best wishes to you from a 48-year-old 5K runner (and a “practicer” of yoga when I’m recovering from running). Yes, running changes lives!

  4. Hi again, JFT aka Jules (or so I see)! I nominated you for (which means you receive) an Inspiring Blog Award. Your blog is one that immediately caught my attention and still holds it. I love your insights into the practice of running and the runner’s mind. I’ve provided a link on my blog to yours. Follow the rather flexible rules of the award (outlined on my blog) if you will. In any case, this gave me the opportunity to let you know of my continued support of your blog!

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