So. This is how it happens . . .

Step One: One is awarded with an Inspiring Blog Award.
Step Two: One thinks up about a bajillion other things to write about.
Step Three: One’s Writing-About-Running Muse promptly skips town, apparently on some sort of retreat with one’s ability to formulate an intelligent thought.

I’ve been running.
In fact, on Saturday, June 23rd I ran my first 10K.

But about a week before that I had an epiphany.
Or reached a conclusion.
Or set a goal.
Or maybe I just surrendered to the inevitable.
Whatever I did, I also put it Out There. Because I’m me and that’s how I roll.

A couple weeks ago (hold on, let me check Facebook…) Sunday evening, June 17th HCRP and I were enjoying a glass of wine after dinner sitting out back on our deck and discussing our training schedule for the (then) three months leading up to our Half Marathon in September. Somewhere in the conversation I heard the somebody say “Something tells me that as soon as I cross the Finish Line of my first Half I’m going to decide I want to do a Full just once to say I did.” HCRP just looked at me and said “Possibly.”  The Queen of Potential Hyperbole marries The King of Understatement.  These are the conversations that are spawned by that.

And sometime the next day I decided to just give up, give in, and go ahead and set The Goal. Or surrender. See above. So I put it Out There on Facebook. And now that my muse has dragged her sorry self back from wherever it was she’s been the past couple weeks I’m putting it Out There here.

We’re running the USAF Half Marathon this September.
We’re running the St. Jude Half Marathon this December.
We’re running the New Orleans Half Marathon next March.
And then we begin training to run The St. Jude Marathon – FULL MARATHON – in December 2013.
And I say “we” not “I” because HCRP has decided he may as well do the St. Jude Full next year too.  Frankly, I’ve been expecting him to announce his intention to do a Full since he finished his first Half last March.

And I have a feeling that The Point won’t be in actually running the marathon, but in deciding to do it and everything between now and that particular Finish Line.

So there you have it.
I’m going to run a Full Marathon.
Next year.

For tonight I have to get to bed because tomorrow morning’s three miles aren’t gonna run themselves!

7 thoughts on “So. This is how it happens . . .

  1. So…. the craziest goal I set with running (over back porch wine) was when my brother called to say he was doing the Midnight Sun Alaska Marathon… and would I sponsor him…(I am a marathoner and had just had a baby)…. so my husband and I said “we’ll join you” … ran our slowest marathon ever, and then went on the Alaskan Cruise after completion , with our 9 month old along… was inspiring…. and set up all kinds of possible.

  2. Fabulous! Go for it! I ran the London Marathon – my first and so far only – this year and you’re right: it’s everything between now and that finish line that counts, not just the race itself. So pleased for you for taking that step, and I know you’ll do it.

  3. And you didn’t have to double dog dare yourself. For any of them.
    Congratulations on not only keeping it a part of who you are, but expanding- both yourself and your distances.

  4. That’s how it starts….”I’ll just do ONE … just to be able to say I’ve done one”. (snicker) One day you’ll be counting on your fingers (and maybe toes) how many you’ve done…just to be able to say you’ve done that PARTICULAR marathon. Good luck…and good running!

  5. Of course we’ll get there, and all the fun in between now and then, like the half marathons, and 5ks and occasional 10ks, plus all the training runs. We’ll get there, my darling, IN STYLE! ILY

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