Given enough days without . . .

I will, in fact, run again.
Or such is the considered opinion of My Favorite Chiropractor!

I got in to see him yesterday and he bent, straightened, lifted, tugged, said “Hmmm” a few more times than I felt were absolutely necessary, used the word Meniscus which I would have thanked him to have left out of the discussions.  And at the end of it all assured me that I have a simple case of “Overdoing It” with a tinge of “Not Allowing Sufficient Time for Healing” thrown in for good measure.

I am presently under orders to apply ice twice daily, continue wearing my oh-so-sexy knee brace, do all the upper body and core work my little heart desires – and really, doesn’t  every runner’s heart beat with the desire for upper body and core work? – but at present I am admonished to do NOTHING strenuous from the hips down.  The only exception to this edict is seated yoga, but only the kind that doesn’t require over-use of the knee.
Gotcha Doc!

And I will follow these orders To The Letter.
Scout’s honor.

I go back tonight so he can see how my knee is doing after last night’s adjustment and if “things are holding in place”.

I’m just relieved he didn’t get finished and suggest I take up swimming (which I truly hate doing and truly lack the necessary buoyancy for) or possibly high-speed knitting (which I definitely don’t have the skills for – my Nannie Peachie tried her best to teach me) for my cardio exercise of choice.

I won’t be running anytime soon.
It’s time to embrace my Inner Yogi…