The One With Whining AND Confessions

If my life, and this blog, were an episode of Friends that post title up there would be what this particular ‘episode’ is both called and about.
You have been warned.

I am still in “rehab” mode for my knee.
Until yesterday I had been pain/twinge free for five days.
I feel like I need one of those tote boards you see in factories and on military bases that proclaim ” ‘X’ Many Days Incident Free!” hanging around my neck. (Which, by the way, I now have a whole new respect for.)
After two of those pain/twinge free days I decided that the brace I’d picked up was actually starting to do more harm than good in that it was causing irritation and inflamation on the back of my knee. I sought the counsel of my super-chiropractor before committing to not wearing the brace and he said I should be okay without it.
Back to “Until yesterday”.
I stood up and out of nowhere there it was, the twinge of pain behind my knee. Which continued into the night and was still there this morning.
Today I’m back to wearing the brace.

And now, it’s time for The Rest of The Story.

Since I’ve been unable to run I haven’t really been handling it with all the Zen embracement of “It is what it is” and “This is the Universe’s way of getting me to add balance to my workouts” blah blah crap I’ve been spouting.
The truth is that while I can totally see and embrace the benefits of adding strength training and yoga to my running routing, doing them instead of running feels too much like conceding defeat. It’s like I’m somehow admitting “I’m never going to run again “. And that’s a thought I’m not particularly fond of.
So I’ve “rested” my knee.  A lot.  Like totally and completely with zero actually doing anything – even the strength training, core work, and yoga I know are an integral part of the healing.

And then there’s my diet.
Oh my mindfully selected, balanced, for-a-purpose diet. How I miss thee.
Don’t get me wrong now, I haven’t exactly re-embraced my Inner Hamburgler. I’m not defaulting to drive-thrus and full-on crap at every meal.
Actually it isn’t the meals I am eating that are the problem. It’s the ones I’m not. Chiefly breakfast.
And the ice cream.
Oh the ice cream.
It has become my friend.
My very dear, sweet, cold, creamy, endorphin-inducing friend. And I’m really not much of a sweets eater.

The diet/eating thing is a twofold problem really.
Without running my metabolism has slowed down and frankly I’m just not hungry early in the mornings.
Without running I know my body isn’t burning as many calories so a long-dormant part of my brain has gone back to “Don’t eat what you’re not going to burn off” mode. And yes, I know (as we Southerners are wont to say) that dog don’t hunt.

And the scale?
Shall we not even discuss its generosity on Tuesday in finding and returning three-and-a-half pounds I had accidentally left somewhere on my last few runs. Thanks.

What’s a girl to do?
Well. So far she’s wallowed. And I am not a wallower.  Really.
Since about the 3.5 mile mark on Saturday, February 18th. I just looked on a calendar and that’s nearly three weeks of wallowing. And I’m generally not one to wallow.
No wonder we’re paining/twinging again.
When you don’t do what needs to be done to fix something, chances are better than average it’s going to stay broken.

Again, I ask you: What’s. A. Girl. To. Do?!
It’s really pretty simple.
She stops wallowing.
She stops feeling sorry for her inability to run at this time.
She realizes, embraces, and puts into action the inimitable words of Edward Everett Hale:

I am only one; but still I am one.
I cannot do everything; but still I can do something;
and because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.

and she will get her (slightly ampler) behind in gear doing the strength training, yoga work, and walking that she can do.
She can get her diet/eating habits back in line/under control. She can mindfully plan her meals and follow that plan.
She can begin – tonight – doing the strengthening exercises she knows to do. She can actually do that “half hour of yoga before bedtime” she’s been promising to do every night for a week now.

And so.
She shall.
Look forward to our next episode: The One With the Kept Intentions

7 thoughts on “The One With Whining AND Confessions

  1. I’ve missed you lately. I wondered about your absence. I know for myself accountability is one of the best motivators for me. I look forward to hearing how your kept intentions are moving you even further down the road!

  2. Oh, and I had a good laugh while I read this since I was eating a small dish of ice cream! We rarely us regular adult bowls. Since for the longest time we have fed one or more grandchildren we eat out of a variety of little bowls that come in charcater sets (plate, bowl, and cup). I’ve kept them around because I know the amout I put in there is plenty. 🙂

  3. Julianne! I feel your pain. I was seriously considering training for a half marathon sometime this year and had gotten up to about 25 miles a week running. Then my left knee began to hurt after running right behind my knee cap…then the right knee, because it felt left out I guess began to hurt as well, whenever I walked up and down the stairs. I went to the doctor and I have bits of cartiledge behind both knees, although the left is worse. The doctor said I could have surgery to suck out the cartiledge, or if I didn’t want to be that drastic, just stop running so much. So I have not run since Christmas. I have been doing a Crossfit regimen since then, which is low impact and not hard on the knees. There are Crossfit places all over the country now, and many gyms actually do classes for this. It is fun and HARD! Burpees, push ups, squats, strength training for upper and lower body…but it has made me feel stronger and my knees do not hurt. I am going to try doing some running in the next few weeks, a little at a time, and see if I can do the half marathon, or just go back to triathalons, with less running, more biking. Good luck! I am cheering you on from here.

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