Short Run = Short Post

Tonight was a short run night.  We set out to run five miles but owing to a slight miscalculation of the route we ended up only doing 4.4.

I have discovered that the mile between three and four is my Sweet Spot.  Everything feels good – legs, lungs, even hills come easier in that stretch.

Tonight we finished our run at what will be the end of the half-marathon we’re doing in six weeks which finishes running up a hill.  (Who does that to people?!)  Two weeks ago when we ran our six mile route that consisted of the first and last three miles of the Half that hill kicked my butt!  Of course it had help from the cold and the fact that I was running six miles for the first time in my life, but I mostly hold the hill responsible since I ended up walking halfway up it.  Tonight I ran all the way to the top!  That felt really great!
And yes, if you read my last post, I was repeating “I think I can.  I think I can.  I think I can.” all the way up.  And I did!

I’ll be posting a product review/rant/vent tomorrow.
Guys – if there are, in fact guyS reading this – feel free to skip that post.  I’m going to be bitching about reviewing running/sports bras.  You won’t be missing a thing!

AND as of today my blog is listed on Pace Per Mile’s Blog page!!  I had seen a post on their Facebook about submitting fitness, endurance, running, triathlon or exercise blogs to be listed on their site and Tweeted to their 10,000 followers whenever said blog is updated.  I dismissed it because, really, I’m not really an “endurance” runner and it isn’t like I either run or post every single day.
A little later one of my good friends – a Real Runner who’s run for years and is training for an upcoming Marathon –  posted a link on my Facebook wall and suggested I submit my running blog to them.  THIS running blog right here that you’re reading.  I was surprised A) to find out she actually reads my blog (which really tickled me); and B) that she suggested the very thing I had already dismissed.  Being a big believer in Signs From God/The Universe I decided to go for it.  I submitted my link, remembered that I hadn’t written about Sunday’s run, did so, and about five minutes later got the Twitter notification that Pace Per Mile had  mentioned me.  I literally, physically jumped up out of my chair at work so I could call Tonia and tell her what had happened.
I am ridiculously excited about this!! 

I can’t BELIEVE I didn’t write about this!!

Sunday we ran THIS!

That’s EIGHT miles.
All at once.
On purpose no less!

As you see the course is H-I-L-L-Y!

But we did it.

I was absolutely exhausted after.

But we did it!
I did it! 

I had my first experience with Gu.  Next time, which will be Saturday when we run nine, I’m going to try the Chocolate or Vanilla Bean flavors.  The Orange Cream flavor I got wasn’t so much a favorite.  I think there was a disconnect for me between flavor and texture.

I was, of course, exhausted!  I was in bed and out cold by 8 am.  But the good news was that Monday morning I wasn’t really stiff or sore.  At least not as much as I expected to be.

I got a little piece of (worthwhile) advice from my husband/coach/running partner.  He said it with all sincerity, love, and gentleness, but what it all came down to was “Stop whining!!”  When things got tough I did keep going, but not without an abundance of “I can’t do this!”  “I’m never going to make it!”  “This is crazy/stupid!” whining.  His recommendation is that I become my own personal Little Engine That Could (Can).  And he’s right.  All the whining and negativity aren’t really serving me.  So that’ll be me Saturday “I think I can!  I think I can!  I think I can!” every time the course gets rough.

Tonight is a short run – 5 miles – and the fabulous weather we’re having (current temperature 72° at 4 pm) is totally conducive to running outside instead of the monotony of a treadmill.  I am so ready for Daylight Savings Time to come – or go whichever one it does in Spring – so it’s lighter longer and we can do all our running outside!

But back to that “short run” comment up there.
First: I used “short run” and “5 miles” in the same sentence.  Me.  The person who, six months ago, couldn’t have run one mile without stopping several times!
Second: Do you see the bottom loop on that picture up there?  That’s a little over 1.5 miles.  Last summer when I was doing the running training program that got me from couch potato to running almost all of a 5K in ten weeks I started doing my training runs around that path.  The first time I did it took all I had to make it around once.  On Sunday, that was the end of an eight mile run!  I can’t even type those words without getting a little choked up.

My husband/coach/running partner is taking great amusement out of my newfound derision for treadmill running.  As is a runner friend at church.

Gotta run!
No, really.
I have got to run!