Head and Shoulders, Knees . . .

Let’s just stop at knees, shall we?
That seemed to work for my run tonight.
What was supposed to be a six mile run turned into a 3.5 mile run, a dull ache behind my left knee that eventually became full-bore pain all around said knee and me unable to do more than limp along at a slow walk.  Since we were a little more than half-way through our six mile run the only solution was for Rich to continue running, get the car, and come back to pick me up however far I managed to limp along before meeting up with him.

I (very unwisely) tried running a couple times while making my way on my own.  After all, the pain had subsided so surely I could run NOW!  Eight steps.  Tops.  And the pain came back with its good friend ‘excruciating’.  So I hobbled along.  By the time Rich got back to where I was I was leaning against a light post because walking – even 1.0 mph – was no longer an option.

On the way home I was p-i-s-s-e-d o-f-f!  I felt robbed, betrayed, and generally hurt and angry.  As I had told my knee early in my hobbling along: I have done everything right!
I have trained progressively.
I stretch before and after my runs.
I have invested in good, professionally fitted running shoes.
I have given up wearing heels for cripes’ sakes!  I’m talkin’ Bando-freakin’-lino pumps here people!  Bandolinos!
I deserve better out of my joints and muscles than all this!

What probably got me more than anything else was this: I was looking FORWARD to this run!  The six mile course we were running tonight was the same one that was my first six mile run.  It is comprised of the first and last three miles of the course of the half-marathon we’re training for next month.  There’s a fairly long, challenging incline at about mile 2.5; and the end of the course is also a fairly steep, short incline.  And when we first ran this six miles it kicked my butt!
I was actually in tears on the long incline, and even though I made it to the top I was certain I would never be able to do the Half.  And that final, ending uphill bit?  I couldn’t even finish that.  Now granted, I did run that whole thing last Thursday at the end of our 4.5 mile run but that was without The Long Hard Hill.
Tonight I was R-E-A-D-Y!  And from Step One I felt good.  Despite the fact that it was 43° when we started and with the sun going down wasn’t getting any warmer as we went.  I felt great cardio-wise, leg-wise, mind-wise, every-wise.
Right up to the point that the back of my left knee started twinging between 3.00 and 3.25.  We actually stopped running earlier than our four minute mark so I could stretch – hoping that would take care of it.  I tried running again from 3.25 to 3.5 and it was clear that I was done running for the night.
I think what made me the most angry was how much I had been looking forward to not just finishing, but enjoying a run that had previously been such a challenge.  And the fact that I really had felt so good from the very start of tonight’s run. 

So we get home – after spending the ride alternately cussing (I know, I gave it up for the new year, sue me) and crying, texting my BFF in a near state of panic, and texting another good friend who is also a runner and a Trainer – and I get about the business of rehabbing what I am now certain is Runner’s Knee.
I have a Sports Injury!
Which was just a little bit exciting for about half a minute.
Based on what I’ve read other muscle stresses/strains can contribute to this, so I have a feeling last Sunday’s hamstring strain was a contributing factor to this. 

I’ve also ordered a Tommie Copper Knee Compression Sleeve.  Which should arrive by about Wednesday of next week when I intend to be ready to have a short, slow, easy paced run on the treadmill.
Until it arrives I have a wide Ace bandage I’ll be wrapping the knee with.
I’ve rehabbed a sprained groin muscle, I can rehab this.

AND keep running!
Just not tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Head and Shoulders, Knees . . .

  1. I like the attitude here MUCH better than last night’s, and I DO understand your anger and frustration yesterday when you weren’t able to run anymore. To go through ANY training program and not have a setback or two would be rare, in my opinion. You have a setback, and you know what you have, and you know what you need to do to rehab it and we’ll find some stretches and exercises we can do to make the muscles around the knee stronger and better able to handle the stresses you’re putting on it from running. And if another setback comes along, we’ll deal with that too. Take it a little slower, and while you may not do a long run tomorrow, we’ll get you back in form for the race on March 18th. Confidence, my love. Little Engine That CAN!

  2. Injured reserve here, too! Fellow RLAM here, posted yesterday about injury island. Sucks lemons! I hope your knee is healed quickly so you and I are out on the pavement sooner than later!

  3. Oh no! I know it sucks not to run as much as you want, but give your knee time to heal properly. In the meantime I’d suggest doing strength/weight training on the rest of the muscles in your legs – I had runner’s knee last year, and I’m convinced that the strength training made a huge difference and has prevented a recurrance. Also maybe consider cross-training – obviously nothing like running for running training, but if you do, say pool running or biking, it’s a similar movement without the knee strain and will continue to help your endurance and cardio. Best of luck – I hope the injury clears up soon.

  4. I’m glad you were able to pinpoint what the issue (most likely) is, as now you can work on how to avoid it in the future. Sports injuries are just par for the course in what you are doing, but for the record, I would have been stark raving mad about it, too! Glad you were able to cool down and put it all in perspective. You’ll get better… this is just your body saying, “I need a BREAK!”

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