A little housekeeping

I am thrilled anytime I get one of those little emails saying “You have a new follower on your running blog”.
I appreciate the people I know ‘live and in person’ following me here.  You’re my cheerleaders!
I get a huge kick out of those total stranger follows.  I am resonating with people who know nothing more about me than the fact that I am a runner.

This past week I got an email telling me that “Someone” is following my blog.
No email address.
No other identifying information.
And frankly, that has me a little wary.
I wouldn’t mind knowing exactly who you really are.  You don’t have to personally identify yourself in a comment here; however, please message me and let me know who you are so I know you’re not some crazy stalker.  Message me here, on Facebook, or email me please.
Until I know that, I’ll be playing my “where I’m running/training” and “races I’m doing” hand a little closer to the vest.
Hope you understand that this is a personal security/safety thing for me and nothing more.

In other actually-running-related news we’re doing this week’s 8 mile training run tomorrow rather than today.  It is c-o-l-d and majorly windy this morning and we have a ton of other things going on the rest of the day – not the least of which is a planning meeting for the 5K I’m Race Director of – so we decided to make this morning’s 8 miler tomorrow afternoon’s 8 miler.
As I said on Facebook: Rest assured – eight miles will be run this weekend!  By us!

4 thoughts on “A little housekeeping

  1. OK, I found it. On your site stats page scroll toward the bottom, on the left hand side you’ll see a box titled Totals, Followers and Shares. At the bottom of that you’ll see Followers:
    Followers: 433

    14 WordPress.com blog followers. 2 WordPress.com comment followers.
    417 Facebook followers.

    Your blog followers should be hyperlinked. Select that and a two-tabbed page will pop up. One will show your wordpress followers and one will be your email followers. Their names (or blog names) should be listed and you can click them to go to their blog and see what they’re about.

    I’m not sure how you delete someone if you think you need to, but we can find that out too if you need.

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