DOUBLE The Distance!

Today we ran six miles.

Six months ago I couldn’t run one mile.
Four months ago I could run most of three miles.
Until six weeks ago a 5k – 3.1 miles – was the furthest I had ever run in my life.
Today I came within a quarter mile of doubling that number.

Eight weeks from tomorrow my husband and I are running in our respective and collective first Half-Marathon.  After driving the course last Sunday we decided to change the route of our Saturday training runs to incorporate the beginning and end of the Half’s course.  Today we ran the first three and last three miles.

This is the course we ran.
THIS is the elevations.
That steepest elevation spans 1.5 miles.
That is a LONG 1.5 miles.
And we ran the entire last – steepest – half mile of it!

I wanted to quit.
I didn’t.

I wanted to stop running and walk.
I didn’t.

That last short, steep elevation kicked my butt, so I ended up walking half of it.But the last 10th of a mile?  I kicked it into high gear and finished strong!  Rich says that will happen most races as soon as I see the Finish Line.

I hope so.
That was a great feeling!

13 thoughts on “DOUBLE The Distance!

  1. I put you in my FB. I’m proud of you, envious a bit too, but mainly proud. This shows how possible it is for us to do hard things when we put our wills to them.

  2. So I pushed you, and you pushed me… and we got our 6 miles done. YAY US! And next week we get to do 7 miles. I think we can handle it, and we’ll even get that pesky half marathon done in March too!


  3. I admire you & your husband. Running six miles is quite a feat, especially when six months ago you couldn’t run one mile! You inspire me to want to take up running, but sadly my feet problems prevent me from doing so. I am glad I can still take brisk walks. At least I can do that much!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! 6 Miles??? Wow, thats so great!!~I told a dear friend i was gonna walk in the 5k with her, may be a while, but i WILL!!!!! As for the running part, i’ll walk first then go from there!!! Much congratulations!!!

  5. That’s AMAZING! I am super impressed 🙂
    You’re crazy strong & fit & I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see how you do in the half marathon!

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