Pickin’ it up – Switchin’ it up

Our Half-Marathon training has turned a corner and is increasing in mileage. Instead of two  half-hour easy runs through the week and a long run on Saturday, we’re now up to one half-hour easy run, one endurance run, and increasing long runs on Saturdays.

In order to have time to run AND get to our day jobs we’ve had to switch from running early (5 am) to running after work. While I completely understand the necessity of having more time for longer runs, and I definitely slept great last night after running four miles, I have to admit I have missed starting my day with that head-clearing run and the energy that follows me all day long.

Saturday we run six miles. I’ve never even walked six miles all at once just for the sake of doing it. I find myself excited about, looking forward to, picturing the rounte in my mind, and the thought of adding distance every week. That’s the part I find myself most terr-excit-ified about!
This is NOT me people! Well not the me I was before running.

I’ve switched blog templates here in order to have a larger, more legible font; however I need to get on the external drive where my background and banner images are stored. I’ll do that this weekend. I know, my vast following of readers all missed seeing my running shoes every time you came here. Apologies.

I had a conversation with a co-worker, actually we’ve had the conversation twice, about the whole concept of “goal weights”. Here’s the thing (I say that a lot): I honestly don’t know what my goal weight is right now.
I know what I’ve weighed when I starved myself.
I know what I’ve weighed when I abused diet pills and laxatives.
I know what I’ve weighed when I was over-exercising.
I know what I’ve weighed when I was ‘fighting my weight’ to make someone else happy.
What I don’t know is what I weigh when I am eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly and resonably. (Although there are those whose idea of “reasonable exercise” has nothing to do with half-marathon training/conditioning…)
And that’s the part of this whole little adventure that makes it both exciting and terrifying all in the same moment.

For the first time ever in my life (I’ll be 47 in a month and two days) I am appreciating my body, nurturing my body, treating my body with care, and honestly getting to know my body. What it needs, what it is capable of (a lot more than I gave it credit for), and in learning those things I am going to find out what a truly healthy weight is for me.

My biggest struggle is going to be peeling myself away from “A Number” on the scale. I’m already seeing that despite what seems to be a ‘stuck’ scale my clothes are fitting looser and I feel better all around. The running is getting easier and I am able to go further before I start feeling the fatigue and have to push myself to keep going. And so that’s what I’m learning to use as my barometers.

No, I’m not going to “pitch the scale” there is a certain satisfaction in knowing “That Number”, I just have to learn not to get discouraged when it isn’t exactly what I have in mind as being what it “should be”.

So while my running didn’t necessarily start out as a weight loss thing – although I was hoping for that ‘happy accident’ along the way – it is reframing weight and health for me.

2 thoughts on “Pickin’ it up – Switchin’ it up

  1. And you have just the right attitude! I need to completely buy into it for myself still, but I’m getting there.
    Find the progress where ever it is… looser clothing, feeling better, running farther. Probably a better measure than that NUMBER 🙂


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