Saturday’s Run: 5 miles!

Saturday we increased our run to five miles!

I felt good the first couple miles, felt GREAT in the third mile, and found out that The Wall exists right around 4.75 miles.  It wasn’t time for a walk interval, but I had to walk a few steps.  My legs felt like lead and my lungs were just done.  But I finished running.

Sunday after church we drove the race route for the half marathon we’re doing in March.

Ho. Ly. Cow!!

First: Thirteen miles is a really long way!

Second: Who ENDS a race with a hill!  An UP hill at that?!

I was more than a little freaked out and intimidated by the time we finished our little driving preview.  Thirteen miles is a long way to run!

The running trail we’ve been using for our Saturday outdoor runs is pretty much hill free.  The course for the half-marathon is notsomuch hill free.  This could be a problem.

So we’ve decided for next Saturday’s six mile run we’re going to modify the course basically running the first and last three miles.  And every Saturday thereafter we’ll expand that route by a mile.

I’m already looking forward to being able to do longer ‘short runs’ after we’ve completed this first Half in March.  And that statement alone is proof positive of the power of running to change a person.  Not “a person’s life”.  A.  Person.

And if not running, then walking.



Old-School Aerobics.


Just get moving!

It will change your life.

Thanks for your encouragement!

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