Back On The Treadmill Again . . .


Remember how I said in my last post “My legs really didn’t hurt after my four mile run!”
I did say that, right?
Okay, if I didn’t I meant to because I was really proud of that!
I ended that run (winded and sweating) but feeling pretty good leg-wise.

I woke up Sunday morning expecting pain.
A lot of pain.
And there was none.

Go me!
I’m in better shape than I thought I was!
Woo Hoo!!!

Until later in the day.
It took a bit for the impact of the difference between running on a treadmill for thirty minutes and running four miles on pavement to show up, but rest assured show up it did.
My quads hurt.
That whatever-it-is that runs on the front part of your ankle hurt.
The longer the day went – and the more laundry and cooking I did on my feet – the more it hurt.

I woke up Monday morning hhhuuurrrrrrrtiiiiinnngggg…..gggg….g!
I was not hopeful for this morning’s treadmill run.

Tuesday morning dawns cold and dark (it wasn’t actually ‘dawn’ until about half an hour after we had been to the gym and were back home again…  I digress… ) and all thing being equal I would have much preferred to stay under the flannel sheets with my warm, oh-so-snuggly husband.
That wasn’t going to have me ready to do a half-marathon in two months and eight days.
Besides, at 4:50 am Mr. Snuggly announced “Let’s get going!” as he got up and headed to the bathroom to get dressed for the gym.

And we ran.
Again, Tuesdays and Thursdays are “short run” days.  Thirty Minutes at an “Easy Pace”.
This is completely counter-intuitive to me, but apparently both Hal Higdon’s and  Jeff Galloway’s training programs support this so we’re doing it.
As previously stated the first twenty-five minutes may belong to Hal and Jeff with their Run 4: Walk 1 thing, but those last five minutes are M-I-N-E!
So I did my 4:1’s between 4.6 and 5.0 for five ‘sets’.
The last ‘set’ I ran one minute at 5.0; one minute at 5.3; one minute at 5.6 (we’re talkin’ miles per hour people!); and the last minute was thirty seconds at 6.0 and thirty at 6.5.
Miles.  Per.  Hour.
If only for thirty seconds, but I was pounding that treadmill!!

We finished our cool downs, stretched, and headed home comparing our respective Last Five Minutes.

And the thing is my instinct to really “Push It” that last five minutes – the last 60 seconds in particular – is spot on from a race perspective.  Rich’s philosophy from his Cross Country running days is “Finish Strong!” and honestly that just feels ‘right’ to me.

I mean who wants to do all that work in getting ready to run your race – whatever the distance – only to cross the Finish Line dragging and panting?  Not me!  And I’m not a particularly ‘competitive’ person.

In discussing my seemingly ‘inherent’ need to speed up at the end of this morning’s run I realized that Saturday at the end of our run, when I got to the equivalent of the “Point One” of the end of any race I had picked up my speed without prompting from Rich or even thinking about doing it.  It just happened.

Rich affirmed for me the benefit of making that a part of my ‘practice runs’ on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For me – someone who has never run unless forced to by some draconian late-70s P.E. Teacher – this next part is huge.
Here’s what I am already looking forward to:  I am looking forward to Spring, when it is no longer pitch dark at 5 am when we do our runs, and we can start road running every running day.
I am looking forward to a “short run” being five miles and a normal Saturday run being ten.

The woman who until last July hadn’t voluntarily run since Jimmy Carter was in the White House.
The woman who once thought running thirty seconds at 4.0 was really doing something.
I Am A Runner.
(If you’re going to tire of hearing me say that just stop reading this blog NOW!)

One other (for me) Major Triumph this week is one for This Little Blog.
This week my little Running Blog experienced a ‘breakthrough’ from a purely ‘blogosphere’ perspective: I picked up a Random Reader/Commenter/Follower! 
To date everyone who has read and/or commented on this blog  has been someone with whom I have had an existing relationship.  (Or one of a bajillion spammers…)  But this week my blog was found/stumbled across, read, commented on, and followed by: bearrunner.
 He is what I consider to be a Real Runner.
On his blog’s “About” page he says “This is about my journey towards another marathon”

Meaning of course that he’s done at least one.  That’s a Real Runner in my book.
And he’s reading My.  Blog!
With no other connection to me than the fact that I  have the audacity to categorize and ‘tag’ this blog identifying myself as A Runner.
How freakin’ cool is that?! 

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