Four Miles!

Saturday is our “long run” day.  It’s also our “run outside” day.

And so, we did.

We chose a local ‘rails to trails‘ park for our run and it was a really great location!  We maintained a consistent pace (12.5 minute mile) and did the four miles in right at fifty minutes doing 4:1 run:walk intervals.  A half-marathon is doable doing it like that.

Lessons Learned:
It is vital to be sufficiently hydrated not just in the hour or two before the run but throughout the day, all day, every day.
Being well-fueled is an every day thing.  I wasn’t on Saturday and I felt it.
I can run four miles! 

This week we up our running speed on the treadmills Tuesday and Thursday and on Saturday we run five miles.

I have never, ever in my life run four miles.
I can’t say that ever again.

3 thoughts on “Four Miles!

  1. Well done! Make sure you treat yourself 🙂

    Every few weeks I celebrate a running milestone (first 5-miler after a long break, first distance in double digits, first outing with people who are faster than me that didn’t kill me) with a little treat. Sometimes it’s buying myself coffee (I hardly ever eat out), sometimes it’s a slice of cake (just the one), sometimes it’s a bubble bath and a trashy magazine. It works! 🙂

    • What a great idea!
      I’ve wanted one of those charm bracelet with the ‘runner girl’ and distance/race date discs for a LONG time! My reward for finishing my first Half-Marathon is going to be that bracelet including charms for the four 5Ks I did in 2011. 🙂

Thanks for your encouragement!

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