You’re doing a Half-Marathon WHEN?!

That wasn’t exactly what I was asked by a friend – and fellow new runner – last night on Facebook, but I’m pretty certain that was what was in his head when he posted his comment about our plans to run a Half-Marathon in March.  But here’s the deal: March’s Half isn’t really our Goal Run.  We’re using the Germantown Half-Marathon as a test run during our preparation for the Half-Marathon that is part of The US Air Force Marathon Weekend.

We’re using Jeff Galloway’s half-marathon training method and plan to follow that pretty much to the letter.

I’m figuring the Germantown in March will be done in a pretty even split between running and walking with no particular finishing time in mind.  Okay, maybe we will have a finishing time in mind, but it will be a pretty generous number!  The real goal will be – as Galloway says – to finish “vertical and breathing”.

I’d say that’s a pretty good goal for someone running a half only six months after finishing her first 5K as a runner!

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