Timeline – Sidelined

Saturday, November 5th: Ran a 5K. Set a PR

Sunday, November 6th: Succumbed to a stomach bug. Due to this and other scheduling issues, unable to run all week.
Saturday, November 12th: Ran two miles on treadmill in hotel fitness center. That was ugly.

Sunday, November 13th: Beginning of a week where it seemed like everything that could happen to keep me from running would happen to keep me from running.
Saturday, November 19th: I manage to pull/strain the groin muscle in my right leg by being stubborn and impatient and not asking for help.  Because of this I am sidelined from running for an indeterminate period of time. And I am not happy about this little turn of events.

I’ve done enough research online to know this needs rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Although I do have to giggle a bit at the thought of keeping my right thigh “elevated” at work. I digress . . .

What bothers me more than anything is that I’m currently sidelined from running not because of running or even training for a run – but something completely stupid and careless.

This puts me out of running commission for the upcoming St. Jude 5K. I will likely be contacting the local Runners Club we belong to and volunteering my services wherever they need me that morning.

And yes, I’m still going to the Expo and getting my shirt and race number. I just won’t have a PR to record on this one when I hang it on the wall behind my desk at home.

With any luck I’ll be fully recuperated and ready to start my serious half-marathon training come January.

2 thoughts on “Timeline – Sidelined

  1. Never about luck. Healing, and healing well is as hard as work and should be now considered as part of you training and prep for the next race. ‘Work’ as hard and you’ll be better than fine!

Thanks for your encouragement!

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