Quick Update on The State of The Run

My Officially Official Time for last Saturday’s Race was 34:35.  YAY!

Rich’s Officially Official Diagnosis is a SPRAINED – not ruptured or torn – Achilles Tendon.  YAY!

He’s off running for two weeks (per the Orthopedic Specialist he saw yesterday) but he can stay in shape using a recumbent bike or elliptical machine.

And for the record: Even if he had been told “Not only will you never play the bassoon again, your running days are over.” I was not going to stop running!  In fact, we had already discussed getting him a bike.  I run for me.  The fact that it’s something we can share and do together is just a bonus!  The sprinkles on top of the cherry on top of the whipped cream on the sundae.

Having made the above “As God is my witness I shall not give up running!” decree, I haven’t run since Saturday because Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I was waylaid by a particularly hard-and-fast hitting stomach bug that’s making its way through Dixie.  Today is the first time I’ve felt completely human (Read: rested, not aching, no railroad spike rammed through my skull, and fully trusting of my stomach’s structural integrity) since Saturday night when we went to bed.

We’re going out of town tomorrow through Sunday however we selected our hotels based on the availability of workout facilities and will be utilizing them!

I have Jeff Galloway’s “Half-Marathon You Can Do It” for us to utilize in training for next year’s Air Force Half-Marathon.

The Dream Is Alive!!

Thanks for your encouragement!

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