Today’s Race: The RDCV*

*RDCV meaning Reader’s Digest© Condensed Version

My Stated Goal was to finish the race in 35:00 or less.
I finally have the Official Results and my time was 34:35.

I was amazed by that!

This was a challenging course by any standards.  There were a lot of hills!

I actually slowed down to a walking pace twice during the course because of unbearable side-stitches.  Even with all that I finished under my stated goal time!


Now, the downside of today’s race.
We ended up heading to the ER because my husband sustained a fairly significant injury.

Roughly fifty yards from the finish line he felt something *pop* in his left leg.

The preliminary diagnosis is a possible rupture of his Achilles Tendon. 
He’s wearing a boot and is on crutches pending a consultation with an Orthopedic Specialist.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that this is a minor injury and he will be back in training soon.

I knew something was wrong when he wasn’t on the perimeter of the finish line to cheer me on.  It was so hard wanting to celebrate my accomplishment while he was in such pain and not knowing exactly what had happened.

I’m sure he’ll be ‘out of commission’ for a few weeks as far as running is concerned.  He needs to heal.
I am also equally certain that it won’t be long until we are back running side-by-side on our respective treadmills and training for our Stated Goal of a half-marathon next September. 

6 thoughts on “Today’s Race: The RDCV*

  1. I told my husband about your goal and your achievment and he was impressed. He used to be a runner (pre-ankle injury). He said to tell you, “Good job!”

    I can only imagine how tough it was to see Rich hurting that way. Please know he is certainly in my prayers. Keep us posted (on Monday since I know you rest on Sabbath).

  2. Great job on the 5K! Awesome! I am praying for you and Rich that it is not an achilles tendon rupture but from what you described that is exactly what happened to Tom in September. He has been out of commission and in a boot now since Sept. 12th and hopefully will get out of the boot on the 10th. He has a few months of physical therapy left before he will be able to run again. Tom had a great of pain in his calf for a month after the injury, more so than his achilles. My thoughts you out to you both. Congratulations again on an awesome job!

Thanks for your encouragement!

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