I’m a Real Runner Now!

Tomorrow I am running in my third 5K as a runner.

It’s my first chipped race.

And I am so geeked out about that I can’t see straight!

I’m also thrilled that this race offered tech shirts rather than 100% cotton t-shirts.  In fact, after our last race I said that I would pay an additional $10 at registration for the option of a tech shirt instead of a cotton t-shirt.

I’ve been thinking about my strategy for this race – and meeting my goal of a 35 minute (or under) finishing time – since I finished yesterday morning’s workout run.

I’ve been watching the weather forecast hoping it’s going to be cool enough to merit wearing my brand new, full-length, wicking running pants and long-sleeved wicking shirt.

In my practice runs I’ve worked on only taking small sips of water at the one and two mile marks so I can leave my hydration belt at home and be less encumbered  while I run.  (For my non-runner readers, they have water stations at the one and two mile marks along 5K race routes.)  I’ll most likely wear it doing longer runs, but for a 5K it’s really only necessary in extreme heat.

I think I even dreamed about tomorrow’s race last night.

And now, it’s time to log off and start winding my brain down so I can get to sleep plenty early.

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “I’m a Real Runner Now!

  1. Wow! Good luck making your time. I think the weather will co-operate, and you are obviously psyched up, so you’re going to make it easily, I predict! Will be excited to hear how it all goes down.

Thanks for your encouragement!

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