Running Right Along!

Our next 5K is this Saturday and I have a “stated goal” (as my husband is wont to say) of finishing the race at or under 35 minutes.
The course of this particular race is set in a beautiful part of town.  One of those old-money neighborhoods with nicely landscaped yards, rolling hills, lots of big shade trees changing colors with the season, rolling hills, churches, rolling hills, even the elementary school my son attended years and years ago.  Did I mention the rolling hills?
Here’s the race route and elevations.
Rolling.  Hills.
And I’ve set my mind to do this particular race in 35 minutes or less.
I’m on it!
If you are offended by discussion of body parts you might not possess yourself just stop reading now and scroll down to leave a comment.
You have been warned.
I’ll give you a few seconds…
All clear?  Okay.
I need to take a moment here to rant just a bit.
I am 5’4″ tall.
I am A Runner.
I am also what is commonly referred to as “well endowed”.
And I am about ready to resort to binding my ‘endowment(s)’ with a non-stretchy Ace bandage in lieu of wasting spending any further funds on “high intensity exercise bras” that leave me semi-supported and injured.
Don’t believe me about the injuries?
That’s from this morning’s run wearing a $60 bra that boasts “padded straps”.  HA!
My only other option – that even remotely fits and/or supports – fastens up the front with a row of hooks-and-eyes the bottom one of which rubs a raw spot right at my sternum.
I need wide, well-padded straps.
I need the absence of metal bits that make holes in my skin.
I need support without resorting to ‘double bagging’ myself.
I need something I can put on and take off without dislocating a shoulder or shearing off one of my ‘endowments’ in the process.
Oh, and those adjustable straps made with “secure hold velcro”?  HA!  Not fun to have one of those come loose mid-run.  Fixable at the gym?  Yes.  Fixable mid-5K?  Notsomuch.
It really shouldn’t be a search of epic, Holy Grail proportions to find a comfortable, supportive, quasi-affordable sports bra for women who the Booby Fairy chose to visit early and often.
Get on it sportswear manufacturers!

2 thoughts on “Running Right Along!

  1. ACK!!! I wish I knew a fabulous bra, but I hate the things with a passion. Running without one isn’t an option or it feels like your face skin is about to say hi to your neck skin, though. There HAS to be a better option!

  2. 😦 ugh i completely feel ya! sorry your having such a hard time finding a sports bra that will do what it was desinged to do…ya know, keep them in place and supported comfortably. I added that just in case you didn’t know that THAT is actually what they are supposed to do! Who knew!?! Never had one thats done that, but I dream oh I dream…

Thanks for your encouragement!

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