Is this thing still on?

Why yes, yes it is! (Have I already used that title?)

The past couple weeks haven’t exactly been banner weeks for me from a running perspective.
The week of October 10th I got sidelined with some sort of bug that’s been going around down here in Dixie that alternates between intestinal disfortitude and nasal/throat/respiratory funk. So there was no running in my little Mudville that particular week.

Last week (week of October 17th) I did manage to make it to the gym twice, but the fatigue factor of that bug was really kicking my tail. As has been the pattern with this little malaise I felt great Saturday, but we allowed ourselves to get “too busy” to have time to get a run in.

I woke up Sunday and Monday both days feeling more fatigued and achy than any other major symptom, although the annoying sore throat part just doesn’t seem to want to go away. (No, it isn’t Strep. I know Strep when I have it.) However, this morning we did get to the gym and on the treadmills because the thought of not running another day bothered me more than the sore throat and tiredness.

Today’s workout was speed training which, while fun in that “Oh my gosh I’ve never run that fast for that long ever in my life!” kinda way, but I had to keep reminding myself that today wasn’t about distance.

My new training regimen looks like this:
Monday – hills.
Tuesday – speed.
Wednesday – endurance.
Thursday – hills.
Friday – speed.
Saturday – endurance outside on pavement.
My hills workout is one I found online from Hal Higdon and is actually a full five mile run itself, but because the focus is hill training it’s done at a slow jog speed. And it will kick your behind! Well it kicks mine!

So yes, I’m still running. Just got a little sidelined by illness.

Oh, and before I go I have two words of advice: Compression. Shorts.
Seriously the best money I’ve spent on running gear this side of good shoes and Thorlo® wicking socks! It should be against the law for anyone to run without a good pair of compression shorts on under whatever other running gear they choose. I am seriously in love with these things!
And my Thorlos.

And with those little (unpaid) product endorsements I leave you to your Tuesdays.
I WILL be back tomorrow to report on the results of my effort to run five miles at a 4.6/4.7 mph pace without stopping.
Or passing smooth out.
At 5 am.

2 thoughts on “Is this thing still on?

  1. It’s a good schedule. And like we spoke before, you need to push it a bit so you get better and not just maintain where you’re at. Nothing big, but little bits always help. We’ll get there darling!

Thanks for your encouragement!

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