Tonight I was That Woman on the Treadmill!

For as long as I’ve been going to gyms I have hated  . . .  no I have resented . . .  no I have envied those people (especially the women because I am one) who would come strolling into the gym, step confidently onto the treadmills, press “Quick Start” and just start running. 
No programming anything.

No figuring out time.

No  figuring out anything.

They just R-A-N.  And ran.  And ran.  Not for four or five minutes.  Not for a few tenths of a mile whereupon they would slow down or stop and be gasping for breath and with relief, red-faced, sweating, and obviously ready to drop.

They ran for half an hour, forty-five minutes, some even an hour.

And they made it look fun, easy, even (dare I believe it?) enjoyable.

Okay, I really did hate them even if only a little bit.

And tonight?

Tonight I was That Woman!

(Insert Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman” in your head right → HERE!)

Tonight began my serious 5K training with the goal of running the St. Jude 5K on December 3rd in thirty minutes.  In order to do that I have to implement three things into my training runs: Inclines (aka H-I-L-L-S), endurance (as in being able to run the entire 3.1 miles with zero walking/recovery intervals, and speed.  To run a thirty minute 5K I have to actually run just a little under a ten minute mile.  I decided to start tonight with hills since that’s really what kicked my butt in last Saturday’s race.  I simply hadn’t prepared for the resistance that hills bring to a run.  Since we’ve segued our workouts back into the gym I did a little research on Treadmill Hill Workouts and found a really good article on  I started tonight with the workout called “The Foothills” which consisted of running at an easy pace with the following intervals:
1 mile at 1% elevation;
3/4 mile at 2% incline;
1/2 mile at 3% incline;
1/2 mile at 4% incline;
1/2 mile at 3% incline;
3/4 mile at 2% incline;
1 mile at 1% incline.
That adds up to a total of five miles.
Since I had yet to run all of three miles I thought running five with the addition of inclines might be a little more than I needed to do so I eliminated the 4% incline half mile and the second 3% incline making the first one my “turn around” interval.  That gave me a total distance of four miles.  I ran that in right at 57 minutes and kept it at an easy speed of 4.2 mph.  Although I did get a little bored with that pace and ran out the last 1/4 mile of the last interval at 4.6.  My five minute cool down gave me just under another quarter mile.

And at the end I felt pretty good!
It ended up being a combination endurance and hill training.  Really from now on all my training runs will have some aspect of endurance training to them, even the “easy” runs. 

Tomorrow we’re getting back into our early morning workout routine and since it will be only twelve hours after tonight’s run we’re doing weight/resistance training instead.

Thursday will be a speed/endurance workout and Friday I’ll go back to hill/endurance training.

Tonight’s Lesson Learned:  Anti-chafe creams are mandatory when you are running longer distances.  “longer distances” being defined as pretty much anything over two miles. 

3 thoughts on “Tonight I was That Woman on the Treadmill!

    • Tina, I can’t bicycle. I have tried and failed miserably – and painfully!
      BE That Woman on The Bike! I’ll run for you – you pedal for me! 🙂

Thanks for your encouragement!

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