New Goals, New Commitment

Yesterday my husband and I ran a 5K together.  While not the first 5K we’ve participated in together it was the first time we both participated as runners.  We started together, he finished four+ minutes ahead of me.  And he finished with more than that under his belt.

My Husband with his medal for taking
Third Place in the Men’s 45 – 49 Division!
This was his first time running a 5K in over four years.
I was/am so proud of him!

(Someone asked on Facebook, so I’m pre-answering here: We don’t know how many were in the division, and frankly it doesn’t matter.)

I had an ugly run and I have no excuses for it.
I simply did not put in the time and effort training in the two weeks since my first 5K to bring about any significant improvement. Oh, I managed to shave fifteen seconds off my time from my first 5K, and yes that was improvement and I appreciate and honor that. But the truth is, it could have been better.

Part of that is the natural ‘let down’ after accomplishing a particular goal, and I understand that “human nature” aspect of the whole thing.

Another component is that I went into it without having set another goal for myself. Well, I have one now.  (Two actually, but more on that second one in a minute.)

I want one of these!
Doesn’t have to be “First Place” but I definitely want to place.

Following the race Rich called his parents to share his accomplishment and in the course of his conversation he says “Now my goal is to do the Half Marathon that is part of the Air Force Marathon in Dayton next September. I have eleven months to train.”Later, on the way home the following took place:
Rich: Do you mind my stated goal?
Me: What stated goal?
Rich: Doing the Air Force Half Marathon?
Me: Not at all. (Because I’m a loving, supportive, encouraging wife like that.)
And then, I hear the following words falling out of my face as if they’ve been sitting there on the edge of my mouth just waiting for an opening: There’s no reason we can’t be ready for that in eleven months. Of course this little voice in the back of my brain immediately starts screaming (a la Tonto to The Lone Ranger) “What’s this *we* White Woman?! You have clearly lost your whole, entire, middle-aged, over-weight mind!” But she was immediately drowned out by talk of how I need to chane up my training regimen to increase my running speed as well as working hill training into running on a treadmill since we’ve shifted our workouts back into the gym in preparation for shorter days and inclement weather.
And I haven’t heard her piping up since.

By the way, yes I have a short-term goal of getting my 5K (3.1 miles) time down to 30 minutes and a plan for how to train for that. We have two more runs scheduled between now and the end of the year (November 6th and December 4th.)

I downloaded and printed the Runner’s World Magazine Half Marathon Training Guide and starting January 1 that’s the regimen we’ll be following.

I may well have lost my whole, entire, middle-aged, over-weight mind; but I think that’s because it’s been replaced with a Runner’s Mind.
And I am completely, 100%, a-okay with that!

Couple more pics.

Two down.
Many, many more to come.

Us pre-race.
Get used to seeing pictures like this.
We’re gonna be running.
A. Lot.
Today’s Quote:

“Frustration is the first step towards improvement. I have no incentive to improve if I’m content with what I can do and if I’m completely satisfied with my pace, distance and form as a runner.
It’s only when I face frustration and use it to fuel my dedication that I feel myself moving forwards.
John Bingham

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