Lessons From An Ugly Treadmill Run

  1. It is completely possible to have an ugly run on a treadmill.
  2. This is possible when you are not properly fueled.  Not enough protein or carbs eaten throughout the day and no protein/fat/carb (25/25/50) snack a couple hours before the run.
  3. This is possible when you are not well rested the night before.  As in being waked up by the dogs who live in your house at 3 am and never really getting all the way back to sleep.
  4. This is possible when you have the absolute wrong workout clothes on because you didn’t re-pack your gym bag after missing the previous evening’s strength training workout.  Non-wicking cotton shorts and tank SUCK for running!  They are heavy and cumbersome.
  5. This is possible when your bottle of water (or in my case Gatorade) sat in the trunk of a car on a beautiful, sunny, 80° day – all day on that particularly beautiful day – and without thinking you take a slug of it that cramps your stomach because, well, 80+ degree fluids are hardly refreshing.

So with all this, I cut tonight’s run short.

However I did run one mile at a pace of 5.3 mph and a 1.5 incline.  So it wasn’t a total loss.

There will be a prettier, smarter, better prepared run tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Lessons From An Ugly Treadmill Run

  1. Yes, you can have an ugly treadmill run, and I’m proud of you to realize it and cut things short before something went wrong and you injured yourself.
    And we’ll get back on track and get into our routine and be all set for the next 5k… 🙂

Thanks for your encouragement!

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