My First Running 5K: Just The Facts

It’s taken me a couple days to get back here and share the results of Saturday’s 5K, and for that I apologize.  I think part of me wasn’t quite ready to “let go of” the experience altogether.  And I’m still processing a lot of the ‘beyond the run’ aspects of the whole thing.

I finished 213 out of 508 runners.  My Official Time was 36:35.  I ran all but 2/10ths of a mile of the entire distance.  I am quite proud of that last part.

I can live with all of those numbers quite happily.

I wouldn’t mind at all seeing that time drop by about 90 seconds for my next race.

And here are a few pictures from the day for your viewing pleasure.  (I’m waiting for them to get the Official Race Photos uploaded then I’ll have that one to share.)

This was the race route.  And the elevations.
I walked that incline at 2.1 miles.

After the race with my ‘medal’ (it’s actually a cool little keychain) and my celebratory bubbles.
And yes, I was still a little bit delirious.
I’m not ready to take the keychain off the ribbon just quite yet.

This is me with the Beginning Runners Head Coach.
She was just so incredibly encouraging and supportive throughout this entire experience!

So there you have it!

Rich and I are adding strength training to our running workouts.  In part because we’re hoping that will help his knee, and in part because it’s just a good idea to have that balance.  So that has us back in the gym.  I ran the entire 3 miles on the treadmill without stopping!

My next 5K is October 1st!

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