1.  attainment of anything desired; realization; accomplishment
2.  enjoyment, as of something attained or realized
3.  state of bearing fruit.

Today I “bear fruit”.  I attain a thing desired.  And (all things being equal) I shall enjoy that something realized.

This is what ten weeks of hot, sweaty Monday evenings after work; BCOD mornings in the dark of our subdivision; and generally (as I have said more than a couple times) “doing this thing” has all been about.  Actually running a 5K.

More than anyone else I have to express my gratitude to my husband Rich for acting as my running partner/trainer/coach and general, all-around supportive  and wonderful spouse.  (That’s nothing new, I get that all the time!  I’m spoiled like that.)

I am also deeply grateful for my friends and family who have cheered on every minor accomplishment along the way and saw this day coming long before I actually believed it was possible.

And the Memphis Runners Track Club for their Women Run/Walk Memphis Training Program!  I literally wouldn’t be doing this without them!

And now my dears, I’ve gotta run – literally!!

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Thanks for your encouragement!

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