Very quickly . . .

Tonight was my last run before my Graduation 5K on Saturday.

I went into this with the end goal of running the entire distance of the 5K and also finishing in under 45 minutes.  Since up until tonight my running has been based on time intervals and not necessarily distance covered I wanted to determine what my capacity for running a particular distance was.  I mapped out – on the same access road I’ve been doing the Running With Trainers runs on Monday nights – a four mile distance.  Two miles up and back and I knew the landmark for the one mile point.  Rich would have our stopwatch in hand so that would mark my time.  The first thing I wanted to know was if, and in what time, I could run a full mile.  Past that my intention was simply to run as much of the remaining distance as I could with walking/recovery intervals as short as I could get by with without hurting myself.

At the end of the run my times were:
Mile 1 – 11:28 (that was with no walking);
Mile 2 – 24:15;
5K (3.1 miles) – 38:15.

That’s minutes:seconds up there people!

My goal for Saturday was to finish in under 45 minutes. Tonight I beat that by over six minutes!

I was very nearly choked up.

And I am certain that come Saturday morning with being fresh, well-rested, and in the company of other runners I’ll bring in an even better time!

I am even more excited now than I was Monday evening!

Oh, and this afternoon I registered Rich and myself for a 5K on October 1st.

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Thanks for your encouragement!

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