I really believe I’m gonna do this!!

For the first time since I started this whole little adventure nine weeks ago I can honestly see myself running Saturday’s entire 5K!  Maybe not the fastest 5K ever run, but certainly one of the most sincere!

Tonight was our last Run With Coaches session and we were slated to run ten 4:1 intervals.  I had decided on Saturday that I wanted to see if I could run longer than just four minutes at a time so I went into the evening with the intention of continuing to run in between every other interval.  I figured the worst thing that would  happen was that I’d get two minutes past the end of the first four minutes and have to stop and walk.

That didn’t happen!

Instead I ran a full nine minutes at the end of which I wasn’t gasping and heaving for breath, nor did I have a stitch in my side that felt like labor pains.  No, at the end of that nine minutes I contemplated just continuing to run but decided to err on the side of caution and go ahead and walk the one minute recovery interval.  Then I ran another nine minutes.  Following that second nine minute interval I opted to follow the 4:1 intervals as prescribed for the next two, did one more nine minute stretch, and then back to the 4:1.  At the end of our ten intervals we had a good distance to get back to our starting point and I got bored with walking so I ran the last 3/10ths of a mile.

This was my running route tonight.  I nearly fell out when I saw that total distance!  4.84 miles!!

I feel really good, not just from a “Proud of myself” perspective, but also physically.

Oh, and listening to the Jillian Michaels book on my ipod?  GENIUS!

In addition to some really great material and the motivational aspect of it being Jillian Michaels’ Voice in my head listening to that pretty much negated any sense of time passing.

We were instructed to run only once more this week (preferably Wednesday) and be sure to get plenty of rest, hydrate consistently all week, and be sure we eat to fuel our bodies.  I think I can handle that.

One other thing that happened this evening was just me having a pure, unadulterated Geek Moment.

Rich needed to run by Breakaway Athletics, a running store.  I’ve gone to running stores with him in the past and basically distracted myself looking at cute shorts and other accoutrement that was largely meaningless to me while he “Talked Running” with the people working there.  Tonight I was part of the conversation!  I was actually standing in a Running Store “Talking Running” with Runners.  And they weren’t just humoring me like I was a toddler in a Physics class.

I also picked up cards for a couple of upcoming 5K Races.  One the first weekend in October and the other November 5th.

I think I’m sprung on this whole running thing.

I think I like that!

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Thanks for your encouragement!

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