Week Seven: Still here! Still Running!

I am generally a lot more consistent with blogging, etc. however this past weekend was crazy busy for us!

did make time on Saturday morning and got in half a run.  By “half a run” I mean we ran half the number of 3:1 circuits I was supposed to do.  Friday-to-Saturday was the first time I’ve ever run two consecutive days and it actually went very well.  Thetwo consecutive days thing was actually not a factor in the abbreviation of our time/distance.  Just for the record.

Last night began what I think of as Real Running when we did seven circuits of run four minutes and walk two minutes.  Truth be told, I actually like running the longer time periods with the shorter recovery periods.  Next Monday is run four: walk one for the next two weeks and our Graduation 5K takes place September 17th!  And it is my intention to run the entire distance of the 5K regardless what my time is.  Although I think aiming for 45 minutes isn’t too unreasonable.

The one thing that isn’t going the way I had really hoped it would is weight loss.

I have had to simply to realize that the time has come to bite the bullet (no pun intended) and c-c-c-c-count c-c-c-c-calories.  *shudders*

I hate counting calories.

I have no problem monitoring my intake of saturated fat, sugar, or sodium.

I have not much of a problem being mindful of the type of carbs I ingest.

I read labels like a crazy woman seeking to avoid anything with hydrogenated oils, HFCS, “enriched” flour, and any form of artificial sweetener in it!

In fact, changing my diet entirely is exactly what I did starting at the end of March when I adopted a lacto-ovo-pescatarian diet.  (And I have never felt better!)

But I just simply despise counting calories!

I’ve always been of a mind that if what you are eating is clean, healthy, non-processed, as-close-to-nature-as-possible foods should be enough to insure weight loss when a body needs it and weight maintenance when loss isn’t needed.


That simply isn’t the case, and particularly not when one has reached that “Woman Of A Certain Age” milestone.  (I’m forty-six – be forty-seven in February.)

And if there was any lack of certainty on my part, my girl Jillian Michaels brought that point home loud and clear in one of her podcasts I was listening to during my run Saturday morning.

To lose weight you have to create a calorie deficit between calories in and calories out.  And to do that: You.  Have.  To.  Count!

And so I am.

I used one of those groovy little BMR Calculators to determine my general calorie burn on both running and non-running days, and I am seeking to create a 3,000 calorie per week deficit.  I can’t reasonably (or healthfully) create a big deficit on non-running days since my BMR calorie burn is just under 1,500 calories and eating much less than 1,200 calories in a day is simply not healthy, but I will make the adjustment of getting the majority of my calories on those days from fruits and vegetables.

I’ve set up an Excel Spreadsheet to input the nutritional information for every single thing that passes between my lips and I will be inputting that information religiously until I begin to see results.  I figure within two weeks I’ll know what works for me.  Then, based on that information, I will “automate” breakfast and dinner and use lunch as my ‘wild card’ meal where I can have a little more variety.

In addition to calories (which I am monitoring most diligently) I am seeking to keep the sugar and saturated fat content in most of what I eat to 4 grams per serving or less; and I am keeping my sodium to the recommended allowance of 1,500 mg at most every day just because that’s healthy!

This weekend my husband and I are going out of town and it is my intention to stay on track with my running training.  I can get up and run Saturday morning before we hit the road, and again on Monday.  This will really be the first time we’ve been ‘out of pocket’ (as we Southerners are wont to say) since I started this little venture and I am dead-set and byGod determined to prove that this isn’t just some little ten week diversion but is a new lifestyle by continuing with my training schedule just like I have every week for the past six.

As I said yesterday after my weekly Running With Trainers: I have never, ever in my life stuck with any sort of exercise plan/program this consistently for this long!  And that thought really excites me!

So that’s what’s new in My World of Running this week!

2 thoughts on “Week Seven: Still here! Still Running!

  1. Keep it up!! I can’t wait to here how you do in your first 5K. You will be awesome. Love reading the blog. Maybe I should have done something like that last year. Oh well…maybe next time 🙂

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